Who operates the Filling Station

We are a group of ordinary people, called by our Lord, who want to bring glory to God and His son, Jesus, by the working of the Holy Spirit.

What is the Filling Station?

A place for people to come and be healed and delivered from whatever illness, problem, issue, or hang-up that is troubling them.

How does the Filling Station do that?

The Filling Station doesn’t – only Jesus can heal and deliver.

But the Filling Station provides a place that followers of Jesus can come together and ask Him to intercede on your behalf.

Everyone associated with the Filling Station has been healed or delivered from something – if nothing else other than the greatest healing gift ever given by God,……. deliverance from sin by the shed blood of Jesus.

Is Jesus still Healing Today?

You bet he is….The Bible says Jesus intercedes on our behalf from His place of honor at God’s right hand. Romans 8:34; Heb 7:25; 1 Jn 2:1.

The Bible also says that all authority in the entire universe has been given to Jesus (Matt.28:18-19) and He gives that authority to us to use for God’s glory(John 14:12-14).

Jesus also said those who believe in Him will lay hands on the sick and the sick will be healed by the power of the Lord. Mark 16:18.

So we call upon God’s authority, in Jesus’ name. We proclaim Jesus’ healing touch over the lives of those in need and let Jesus do the rest ……in His timing,….for His glory….and His purposes.

Then why have the Filling Station?

Some local bodies (churches) do not offer specific opportunities for healing services.

If your church does, you should take that opportunity.

James 5:14-15 directs the elders of your church to pray for your healing. We try to offer those prayers for those who do not have the opportunity at their own church or who do not have a home church. We then encourage you to return to your church to serve God and the body there. We view the Filling Station as a spiritual hospital.

Our mission is to assist you in clearing away anything that is impeding your relationship with God so that that relationship can grow and your usefulness to the body of Christ can be maximized.

What does a typical meeting look like?

We expect for the Lord to always show up through His Holy Spirit in power. We sing praises and worship the Lord. We have a fairly brief message from a speaker, and we always pray for those that are there. We also take the time to share what God has done in our lives and thank Him for the healing that has taken or is taking place.

Will something happen at a meeting that may make me uncomfortable?

Well, God always shows up, His presence can sometimes make a person uncomfortable…so, maybe.

Plus, since we are not associated with a particular denomination, some folks may worship in a style you are not used to. We do not allow anything that is not supported in the Bible, but then again David danced before the Lord in a manner that embarrassed his wife, and while none of us are big dancers, someone else may be. (We advise that sometimes it’s best to just close your eyes, shut the rest of the world out, and worship Jesus.)

What are your core beliefs?

Unlike a church, which rightfully may spend a significant amount of time outlining their core beliefs, we only ask that our servers have a few basic ones. They are:

  • There is one God, who exists in three persons, God the Father, Jesus His son, and the Holy Sprit.
  • God has given all authority to Jesus His son, and everything exists by, through and ultimately for Him.
  • Jesus came to earth, died for us, and rose again, defeating Satan, sin and death, and He will come again in power and glory.
  • The Bible is the Word of God, and is inherently true in all respects. Everything else that matters is based on 1 – 4 and can be found in the Bible.

If I am not a Christian, can I still come?

Absolutely. Jesus healed many who did not necessarily follow him. But please note that we make no apologies for Jesus Christ (although, we frequently do for Christians) and do not believe you can be ultimately healed absent knowing Him.

What's in this for you?

We are called to be obedient to Christ. He died for us so we are supposed to do as he directs us through his Holy Spirit. So for now we think this is something He wants done. Hopefully eventually all churches will offer these types of services so we can do something else.

Is there a charge for anything?

Nope. All our expenses are covered. We hope you are healed of what is ailing you or have the opportunity to experience God’s grace first hand. We do have a place that you can give an offering that will be used to bless others but our greatest hope is that you will give freely going forward as God has freely given.

So.....Why are you doing this???

Because we love you and when we or one of our loved ones are sick or not feeling well, getting better is a big deal.

We hope and trust that this is a temporary issue that will pass with the help of Jesus and enable you to then go on with life, hopefully seeing God and letting Him use you for His glory, so that your life has greater meaning.

We are all designed to have a relationship with Jesus, and most of us have tried to fill that need with pretty much everything else, and eventually find out that nothing fills the God-sized hole in our hearts but God.

Our prayer is that Holy Spirit uses the Filling Station as a place of healing and deliverance. The good news is that Jesus loves you so much He died for you and wants to be with you, as your Lord and friend, as you go through this life and into the next.

We know that this truth will lead you to an ever growing relationship with our Father, the Lord, God.


The Filling Station gathers on Mondays at 7pm.

All are welcome, and we would love to see you.